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Clay Elliott

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Clay Elliott

Clay was born in Pittsburgh, PA but was raised in the Bay Area when his family moved here in 1963. He gave his life to Christ on Good Friday as a ten year old praying with his dad. Soon after he began praying that God would use him to make a difference for the Kingdom through the vehicle of sports. He was drafted in the 9th round by the Atlanta Braves as a junior in college and played 5 years in the Atlanta system. He married Kelly Lynch in 1982 and together they have 4 children—Megan, Brooks, Whitney and Zachary. Meg married Drew Sanchez in 2007 and together they have four children—Kobi, Cooper, Macie, and Laney. Whitney married Rob Fiock in 2017 and together they have one son - Colt. And Zac married Adrianna in 2018.

Clay joined the FCA staff in ’99 after 17 years in church ministry. His wife Kelly also joined the staff at that time. His life verse is found in Matthew 5:48, “Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.”
Favorite All-time Athlete:
Roberto Clemente of the Pittsburgh Pirates

Favorite Quote:
By Yogi Berra, when he was asked, "What makes a good coach?" His response was, "Good players."

Greatest Accomplishment:
Wooing Kelly Lynch into becoming my wife!