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Whitney Fiock

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Whitney Fiock

It was just a typical day during recess in second grade. My friend Nicole and I were on the playground when I asked her if she knew Jesus. She said no, and I fearlessly explained my very basic understanding of the Gospel – that our sin separates us from God, but through Jesus we can have eternal life. We prayed together right there – just a couple of 7-year-olds on the jungle gym, and Nicole surrendered her life to Christ. That childlike faith and boldness lasted until I entered into High School. By then, I was on the leadership team for my school’s FCA Huddle, I was the captain of my team and made sure we prayed before games, but I didn’t share the Gospel much. I fell into the Enemy's lie that "fitting in" mattered more than my own relationship with Jesus, which impacted the way that I valued the souls of people.
While attending Biola University and serving at a houseboating camp (Sonshine Ministries) in the summers, my pursuit of Jesus truly began. I finally grasped what it meant to have an actual relationship with Him rather than being carried to Him by my parents and the people in my church. I fell in love with Him through spending time in His Word, connecting deeply with His people, and serving/dying to myself so that Christ could live. In 2010, I came on staff with FCA as an Area Rep and have dedicated my life to seeing God’s Kingdom expanded and the world impacted for Jesus Christ. Since then I have moved to the Administrative Assistant role and love doing ministry alongside of my parents!

In March 2017 I married the love of my life, Rob.
In January 2018 our son Colt was born.
And in May 2019 we’re expecting the arrival of our second baby.
Life is a crazy whirlwind and such a gift!

What’s the first concert you ever went to see?
 The W’s and DC Talk – I was in 6th grade

As a child, what was your favorite family tradition?
 Wrestling matches & rubber-band wars after dinner

What was your first paying job?
 Babysitting. I was 12-years-old taking care of three kids ages 3, 4, and 6. What were those parents thinking??

What's your favorite Bible verse?
We love because He first loved us.
 1 John 4:19